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 I love birds.  Yes, there's the obvious joke there, but this time I really mean the feathered kind.  It's as if there's a 24 hour soap opera going on around the house.  I just can't really get depressed properly anymore,because if I look out of the landing window a robin (he's called Rufus) will hop about, menacing the terrified baby blackbird, and flying into woodpigeon territory for shits and giggles.  Or the starling gang will gather on the fence, making that awful, comedic noise that says "We're here, we have purple and green feathers, get used to it!". 

 There are baby sparrows on the bathroom roof, and baby starlings under the eaves in the spare room.  The sparrows look hilarious because they've got adult head-feathers, but juvenile body plumage, so they look like spuggies in fur coats.  The baby starlings are upsetting next-door's big tom cat, but whether that's the noise or the fact that he can't eat them, I'm not sure.

Doctor Who exhibition at the Centre for Life on Thursday, wahey!  Very exciting stuff.  Will be nice to go back to Newcastle for a day.  I've never been into the Centre for Life (except to use the loo) but the DW tickets give entry to the whole place, so it should be a great day, especially as it's slap-bang in the middle of our two favourite gay bars.  We're going to try to go for lunch in Twist, relive our legendary first date, although this time I won''t spill my tampons and lollies all over the floor.

Date: 2010-05-25 08:52 pm (UTC)
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I've been planning on making my own post about the birds in my yard. So adorable and so many! The bird song is so delightful and I'm just loving it. I have this thicket of native bushes, and I've dubbed it the bird nursery because so many birdie families are living under there. =)

Date: 2010-05-25 10:46 pm (UTC)
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We've dubbed our feeding station the 'Dickie-Bird Diner'. They're so bold and bolshy that they practically mob Lisa when she goes out to fill the feeders and hang up the fat-balls.

The singing is amazing. The other day a hawk flew over and screeched, and thousands of birdies just stopped singing in an "OMGWTF!" moment. It was eery. Then a few minutes later the lazy pigeon started doo-doo-dooing, and they all started up again.

I must keep my eye on that young blackbird, he's so cute. I think I saw him being escorted to the bird table by some adults and then they left him. He didn't know what to do! He was squawking and hopping from one leg to the other as the tits and Rufus swooped around him. He's the only bird that's never even glanced at the vast array of food. I'm sure he'll toughen up once he gets used to the big, bad world :D

Date: 2010-05-26 02:21 am (UTC)
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Have an awesome date! :) How did the first one go?

I met Shar on LJ, we talked and bonded really quickly and then we decided to meet. I picked her up from the train station and we played drinking games at my house super awkwardly and then went to a gay club and then another gay club with mainly girls. And when we were tipsy enough I think I grabbed her hand and then we started making out a lot and giggling. When it started to get less public appropriate we taxied back to my house making out the whole way. The taxi driver loved it way too much and was like 'Have a GREAT NIGHT GIRLS' ewww. And it was great. ;) And now it's almost five years. :D :D

Your birds sound gorgeous and I'm glad that are making you smile.

Date: 2010-05-27 01:18 am (UTC)
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Yours went a bit faster than ours!

OK, picture it, 14th March 2005. We'd been emailing/IMing/texting for a month, after she saw my profile on It was her only day off, but I had to work from 6pm - midnight, so I said we could meet before my shift, and I'd catch the train from Newcastle station to work.

So, we'd arranged to meet at the station. I left the shared house I lived in and went to the bus-stop, and my phone rang. It was her (first phone conversation, eek!) telling me the trains had been taken off due to the weather, so she wouldn't be able to meet me that day. So, gutted, I went back to the house and grabbed my housemate's puppy for some cuddle-time. Sadly the puppy did not want me either, and pissed all over my hair!

I jumped into the shower, washed my hair and heard my mobile. It was Lisa, she'd managed to get a bus to the station, and would be there in half an hour AAARGH! No time to straighten my hair, so I just had to blow dry it and get redressed. I told her I'd be a little late, and to get a coffee while she waited for me. Got to the station, all nervous, and saw this teeny-tiny little ginger thing sat at the table!

In her words : "This person, surrounded by what looked like a purple cloud, walked through the doorway. Wow, that was some impressive hair!"

Oi you, this is MY story!

So, we said hello and she bought me a coffee, we chatted, and as it was freezing bloody cold we went to the local gay bars, which are only a five minute walk from the station. We ordered a meal each, I didn't know at the time that she wouldn't be eating much that next week, as she was skint, poor thing! We sang comedy songs at each other, by our fave local comedians (Reeves and Mortimer), and I dropped my handbag on the floor, spilling lollies and tampons everywhere. She thought I was hilarious, and couldn't believe I hadn't even blushed when my ChupaChup+Kotex Collection spilled all over the pub floor :D

Then, I had to go to work. Wah! She offered to walk me down to the platform but the train police were there, so we had to part at the barriers, very Brief Encounter. She had over an hour to wait for her bus home, I felt sorry for her because it was so cold. Before I was 30ft away from her my phone started beeping, and we sent about a million texts, and I was on the loo all night at work after nervously swigging about 4 pints of Coke!

We couldn't meet again till the 28th of March, again she cancelled, which was great as I was throwing up green stuff, and then texted to say she wanted to meet after all so I had to trowel on makeup to not look deathly ill. She had all her gay boys with her, very scary, but after a brilliant night I ended up 30 miles away from home at her house, and er... [next 8 hours redacted under obscenity clause] never really left! Ahh, such a classic lesbian cliche.

Can't believe it's been five years, I would've only got 6 for manslaughter... :D


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