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 I love birds.  Yes, there's the obvious joke there, but this time I really mean the feathered kind.  It's as if there's a 24 hour soap opera going on around the house.  I just can't really get depressed properly anymore,because if I look out of the landing window a robin (he's called Rufus) will hop about, menacing the terrified baby blackbird, and flying into woodpigeon territory for shits and giggles.  Or the starling gang will gather on the fence, making that awful, comedic noise that says "We're here, we have purple and green feathers, get used to it!". 

 There are baby sparrows on the bathroom roof, and baby starlings under the eaves in the spare room.  The sparrows look hilarious because they've got adult head-feathers, but juvenile body plumage, so they look like spuggies in fur coats.  The baby starlings are upsetting next-door's big tom cat, but whether that's the noise or the fact that he can't eat them, I'm not sure.

Doctor Who exhibition at the Centre for Life on Thursday, wahey!  Very exciting stuff.  Will be nice to go back to Newcastle for a day.  I've never been into the Centre for Life (except to use the loo) but the DW tickets give entry to the whole place, so it should be a great day, especially as it's slap-bang in the middle of our two favourite gay bars.  We're going to try to go for lunch in Twist, relive our legendary first date, although this time I won''t spill my tampons and lollies all over the floor.
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