Feb. 5th, 2009

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After yet another middle of the night hospital admission for no real reason, we've been talking to him and Daddy F (Lisa's dad) has decided to move to an independent living facility. This is great news and a massive relief. The place is Pensioner Heaven, the doctor's surgery on one side and the Post Office on the other! He'll get his own studio flat, and there are communal areas like the library and residents' lounge. There's a warden on duty 24/7 and he'll have Careline assistance too like he has at the moment. Lisa's taking him for a viewing tomorrow. There are a few empty flats so he'll get to choose.

I really hope this works out. The stress is getting to all of us... well those of us who care anyway. We try and see him every day, but the fear of walking in and finding him dead because he was scared to put the heating on, is getting stronger daily. At least this way he'll be surrounded by people all the time. It's still only two minutes from our house too, er.. just like the rest of the village I suppose!

So cross your digits. We love the grumpy old bastard and only wanna see him happy!


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